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Selected for the 2013 Saatchi&Saatchi 'New Directors' Showcase', Vinetune was the first music video we wrote and directed.

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Vinetune, the continuously evolving music video.

When Vine, the 6 second video sharing platform launched, the internet went nuts. Let’s be the first to get something away for our clients we said. We had a couple of ideas and pitched them to our clients.¬†“Let’s ride this cultural wave!” we cried; no-one was interested. We took our favorite idea – a continuously evolving film – and decided to direct a music video with it.

We called our interactive video Vinetune. How did it work? Vinetune would scan twitter then match appropriately¬†#hashtagged Vine films to our song lyrics. The live video would then continue to reform as new Vines were shared every second around the world. Our self-funded film came to the attention of the media and some rather important social network founders. Vinetune¬†won ‘Site of the Day’ on FWA, and was selected for the Cannes’ famed Saatchi&Saatchi ‘New Directors’ Showcase’, previous winners include Michele Gondry and Spike Jones: we were made up.