Homesense – Experimental Homemaking

The brand's first full campaign challenging people to recognise the joy in experimenting with turning your space into your perfect place.

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Katy Edlesten and I were briefed to launch Homesense’s first proper brand campaign – a fantastic opportunity to give a heavily product-focused company an actual point of view.

The brief: How do you make people feel the joyful magic of making a home their own?

Our idea: Experimental Homemaking – Showcase that it is, in fact, all numerous experimental decisions that go into turning your space into your perfect place – and all up to 60% off at Homesense.

We teamed up with the brilliantly Spanish director Pablo Maestres to bring our Disney inspired magically transformative vision to life. Backed up by the powerhouse that is Time Based Arts on post-production.

The campaign will see two 20″ second films, to be followed by a Christmas alt later in the year.