Halo 5: Hunt The Signal

Be the first to locate Master Chief and become immortalised in the game.

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Halo is one of the biggest video game franchises on the planet. It has fans, lots of them: dedicated, hardcore, sci-fi fans.

Working with 343 studio – the games creators and Twofifteenmccann San Francisco – our mobile campaign became the digital arm of the global campaign ‘Hunt the Truth’.

Unlike other Halo games, Guardians had no clear hero and no clear villain. We created #huntthesignal, an Alternate Reality Game, that turned fan’s smartphones into a different kind of Spartan weapon.

Players were invited to solve puzzles located across a variety of digital and real world locations. The team that discovered the clues fastest, would find themselves immortalised in the next Halo game.

(Cinema spot Hunt the Truth written by Twofifteenmccann San Francisco.